Social Media is a great start and necessary for a well balanced digital presence, but what are you missing if social media is all you have?

What is Social Media Great At?

Social Media is great for:

  • Building reputation
  • Monitoring the sentiment around your brand
  • Complimenting the marketing on your website
  • Engaging with your customers

Where Does Social Media Fall Short?

There are a few things that Social Media cannot do well, if at all.

  • Local Search
  • Cannot capture search engine traffic
  • You don’t own your content, the platform owns it
  • Content becomes difficult to find after a few days
  • Only 3% of general website traffic is driven by Social Media

What Can A Website Do?

Your website can be part of the online experience from the beginning to the end

  • 90% of all searches begin with a search engine, not on social media
  • 46% of all searches include local intent (meaning they are looking for a business near them)
  • 28% of local intent result in sales

Let’s Do The Math

Branson Missouri had 10,000,000 in 2021.



    Visitors Per Day


    x 4

    The average person searches Google 4 times per day



    Searches by visitors in Branson per day



    of all searches are looking for something local



    Daily visitor searches with local intent in Branson



    of those searches result in a sale



    Visitor Sales per day in Branson because someone landed on a website



    The average family of 4 spends $241 per day in Branson



    Thats $3,549,923.00 per day because of a simple search

You really cannot afford to be without a website.