Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

Audio is everywhere these days. It’s available on multiple platforms and devices, and it engages millions of listeners. In fact, radio alone reaches almost 270 million American listeners each week. That’s why Nielsen measures audio and makes it easier for advertisers to effectively value the medium and help determine its rightful place in the media planning mix. With Nielsen’s gold standard of audio measurement, advertisers can reach engaged local and national audiences—successfully using the science of measurement to connect with impassioned consumers to drive business success.

As with all Nielsen research, we are independent and scientific in our approach to radio measurement. Audio plays a large role in people’s media day. Evaluated through the same Nielsen lens as other media using directly comparable metrics, radio reaches more people of every generation than nearly any other content, according to our Nielsen Total Audience report. This report highlights how radio reaches more than 90% of the U.S. population each week.

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