Why Social Media Isn't Enough
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Why Social Media Isn't Enough

Social Media is a great start and necessary for a well balanced digital presence, but what are you missing if social media is all you have?

What is Social Media Great At?

Social Media is great for:

  • Building reputation
  • Monitoring the sentiment around your brand
  • Complimenting the marketing on your website
  • Engaging with your customers

Where Does Social Media Fall Short?

There are a few things that Social Media cannot do well, if at all.

  • Local Search
  • Cannot capture search engine traffic
  • You don’t own your content, the platform owns it
  • Content becomes difficult to find after a few days
  • Only 3% of general website traffic is driven by Social Media

What Can A Website Do?

Your website can be part of the online experience from the beginning to the end

  • 90% of all searches begin with a search engine, not on social media
  • 46% of all searches include local intent (meaning they are looking for a business near them)
  • 28% of local intent result in sales

Let's Do The Math

Branson Missouri had 10,000,000 in 2021.

  • 27,397

    Visitors Per Day

  • x 4

    The average person searches Google 4 times per day

  • 109,589

    Searches by visitors in Branson per day

  • 46%

    of all searches are looking for something local

  • 50,411

    Daily visitor searches with local intent in Branson

  • 28%

    of those searches result in a sale

  • 14,115

    Visitor Sales per day in Branson because someone landed on a website

  • $241

    The average family of 4 spends $241 per day in Branson

  • $3,549,923

    Thats $3,549,923.00 per day because of a simple search

You really cannot afford to be without a website.